vsTODOlist - TODO list language for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008
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What is vsTODOlist ?

vsTODOlist is a Visual Studio language extension that allows you to implement to-do lists for your development projects using color coding and Intellisense.

    vsTODOlist is free and customizable.

    Adding a TODO list to your development project is easy:

      Add a text file to your project.

      Save the text file with the extension .tdl

      IntelliSense is activated when you press the key '[' or ':'. Or just press CTRL+J.

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vsTODOlist supports 3 types of keyword:
    Property values  
    Final Result


Keywords and IntelliSense are customizable. The configuration file is located in the folder \Program Files\InCisif Software LLC\vsTODOlist, file vsTODOList.dll.config.
Close and re-open Visual Studio once you have updated the file.

Because vsTODOlist is customizable, you can implement your own text file format with color coding and Intellisense.

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