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Applications for Windows, iOS and Visual Studio extensions

ASP.NET MVC, WEB API & Angular 2


winRemoteControl 2014

Remote control a Windows session from an iPhone. Write Javascript program in the cloud, execute it on an iPhone.

jsonB 2012

JyOS 2012

Native iOS Apps written in JavaScript on Windows

Extension For Visual Studio

Text Highlighter Extension
2010, 2012, 2013, 2015
.json, .bat, Intellisense in .bat file, .txt and .log, .ini, .ps1 PowerShell,

JavaScriptDemoer 2011

A windows application to demo JavaScript and/or C# source code live.

Blog Post

HTML5 experiment for iOS - 2011

ScreenShots Demo
Live WebSite

fLogViewer.net - 2009

vsTODOList - 2008

Customizable ToDo list file for Visual Studio, with color coding and intellisense.

Blog post

QuickUnit.net - 2007

Blog Post

Libraries, Frameworks, Experimentations

Some of my programming


A C library to program the PEBBLE Watch friendly to C# and WinForm developers.

Source Code


The Dynamic Sugar Library provides methods and classes inspired by the dynamic languages Python and JavaScript to write shorter and more readable source code in C# 4.0.



Jint is a JavaScript runtime written in portable C#. Jint can run on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux. I was the first contributor and worked on the string and JSON object implementation. Later on running it on iOS. My winRemoteControl iOS app is base on Jint. Blog post Jint Tutorials

Dynamic PowerShell RunTime.NET

Blog Post


Blog Post


Generic purpose library for JavaScript

Github Repo

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